Getting Started

Editing your website using the PeopleCMS tools is as easy as pie.  Let's get started!

PeopleCMS is the easiest editing system in the world. 

This incredibly intuitive CMS gives non-technical people the power to update their website without having to call their web guy.

Once you've logged in you'll see that little pencils appear beside the editable content throughout the site – clicking on any of these will allow you to edit the content beside it.  There is no dashboard or admin panel to maneuver.  All updates occur live on the site, in the same spot on the site where your visitors see it. When in doubt about how to change something, go to the place the content lives.

How To Log In

Learn how to log in to your site. It's the first thing you will need to do before making edits. 

To log in, go to:

Log in as the site owner:
Username: zzzz
Password: zzzz

How To Log Out

Learn how to log out of the editing tools.

To log out of the editing tools and once again see the site as a regular visitor sees it, look in the top left-hand corner of every page. There you will see the “Log Out” button.

"Bizango's intuitive editing tools allow us to make changes to the site ourselves and update it on the fly."

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  • Sometimes it's productive to keep your editing tools open in one browser while monitoring the public view of the site in a completely different browser. You can, for example, log in to make changes in Chrome and keep Firefox open to see how your work will appear to ordinary people who aren't logged in.
  • Do things look funny? While you are logged in to the editing tools, you will see lots of little pencils and controls inline throughout the site. Only you, the site owner, will see these tools. Sometimes they throw off the layout a little bit. So it's a good idea to NOT have the tools activated while you are reviewing the site for the first time.
  • Don't work on compiling a layout bug list while you are logged in to the editing tools.

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