Video Blocks

Video blocks offer a clean, professional way to display video on your website.

Using the Video block type to embed video on your site is a polished way to display your video.  You can choose from a one or two-video player.  


Using a Video Block

  • To add video this way, select Add a Block and then choose Video. (See DRAG AND DROP BLOCKS—Adding a Block for complete directions on adding a block.)
  • You will see the option of adding a YouTube ID or a Vimeo ID.
  • Paste in the ID that you have copied from the video site.
  • ✓The YouTube ID is accessed by clicking “share” and then “copy.”
  • ✓The Vimeo ID is the string of numbers located at the end of the URL.
  • The Video Block option allows you to add a Video Cover Image. As usual, just click on the camera icon to access the Image Library. Then select the image you want.

BE CAREFUL! When you are embedding a video, the YouTube ID is not the same as the URL at the top of the page.

How to find the YouTube ID

  • Go to the desired video you want to embed on YouTube.  
  • Click on the 'share' button under the YouTube Video.  A popup will display a link, but only the last set of letters and numbers that occur after the is the ID. This is the part that you need to copy and paste into the CMS.