Site Settings

Learn how to control many aspects of your onsite SEO, analytics and tracking integration, adding pages and modifying navigation. 


PeopleCMS gives you tools to manage your own SEO metadata, hook up analytics tracking and more.

SEO & Page Settings

Analytics & Tracking Integration

Managing Pages

Manage your site’s SEO title tag and metadata

Under ‘settings’ you can edit the URL for your page, edit your title tag and meta description tags.

  • Under the ‘SEO’ tab, you can see a preview of your title tag and meta description.  Click in the corresponding fields to edit your page URL, title tag and meta description tag.

Embed your analytics tracking code

Need to Google Analytics or other tracking to your website? Three clicks and it's done!

  • Under ‘settings’, by clicking on the ‘Tracking’ tab, you can paste your Google Analytics tracking code, or other code used for tracking traffic or ad analytics.

COOL IDEA:  Using your keywords and phrases in your meta data is an important element of search engine optimization.

Learn how to add pages to your site and edit the navigation.


Click on the Settings button in the top right of the page, next to the Log Out button. 

A sidebar will open on the left, where you will find a number of tabs, including a Pages tab and in some cases a Navigation tab.  

Adding a New Page

  • Under Settings, click on the Pages tab. You will see a list of pages that already exits on the site.
  • Select “Add New Page” at the bottom. This will add a new page to the list.
  • Write the name of the new page in the label area and as part of the URL slug for that page. 
  • Select “Save.”  This adds the page to your list, but you will still need to add it to your navigation.

Adding pages and modifying navigation are two separate functions in the editing tools. They are both accessed through the Settings tab.

Some sites have the added capability of allowing you to edit your site's navigation. If you see a 'Navigation' tab on the left sidebar, your site includes this feature. 

Adding a Page to Navigation

  • To add the new page to your Navigation, click on the Navigation tab. 
  • Click on Header (for all the tabs in the main navigation). You will see a list of pages.
  • Select “Add New Menu Item” at the bottom. 
  • Type in the name of the new page you just created. Then where it says “link to,” choose the page you just created from the dropdown. Click on the blue Save button.
  • If you want your new page to be a subpage of one of the tabs in your navigation, you can drag, indent, and drop it under the parent page tab.  
  • Select DONE (the blue button at the bottom) to refresh the site and see your changes.

Editing the Navigation

  • To edit the Navigation, click on the Navigation tab. 
  • Select Header to edit the header navigation or Footer to edit the footer navigation. You will see the list of tabs in your navigation. 
  • Click on any of the tabs you wish to edit by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner of the tab.  There, you can edit the navigation name.
  • Select Save to save the new name and then DONE to see your changes on the site.

DID YOU KNOW? Adding a page is a different function than adding a subpage within a collection.  Learn how to add and manage subpages.